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Mold Damage Remediation

What's mold ? 
nature recycles organic materials through the functions of microorganisms that digest organic material
into compounds that can be regenerated into living organisms once again.
this efficient recycling process is a concern since the biodegrading of materials used in the built environment introduce products that may compromise the quality of the environment and even potentially cause harm to the occupants.
The potential exists for these microorganisms to introduce unpleasant odors, mycotoxins, allergens as well as compromise the functionality and visual
appearance of the materials used in the structure.

Since mold spores and other microorganisms are frequently distributed upon air currents, the Mold will be redistributed into uncontaminated areas such as air ducts.
Sci-Dry will :
- Evaluate the condition and create a protocol
- Communicate with all involved parties : home owner, business owner, insurance     company and related 3rd party experts when required.
- Create containment area to separate unaffected areas and prevent additional   contamination
- Create a negative pressure environment filtered with HEPA filters to reduce air-born spores during removal and de-construction
- Safely remove all contaminated building materials and document
- Use technology's latest instruments and products to safely sanitize, disinfect and   sterilize all other area.
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